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The Shadow World

Andrew Feinstein

A hard-hitting and harrowing exposé of the truth behind the global arms trade, based on groundbreaking research and reporting.

The global arms trade is worth between $35 and $55 billion a year and it is said to account for over 40% of all corruption in all world trade. Yet despite this momentous influence and far-reaching significance in global politics, few people are party to the knowledge and facts necessary to understand its complexities and impact. Andrew Feinstein resigned as an ANC Member of Parliament in South Africa after President Mbeki prevented him investigating a multi-billion pound arms deal that was tainted by high level corruption. Since then he has investigated arms deal corruption around the world, developing an incomparable network of those involved. Feinstein draws on his first-hand experience to investigate how the international arms trade operates and what motivates those in the business and the governments who do business with them.

Andrew Feinstein is the author of the bestselling memoir After the Party. His journalism has been featured in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Prospect, The New York Times, der Spiegel and the New Statesman. He regularly provides analysis on the arms industry, corruption and South African politics on the BBC, Sky, CNN and Al Jazeera.

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