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Iran: Empire of the Mind

Michael Axworthy

Iran: Empire of the Mind is a compelling history of Iran from the earliest times to the present day. It highlights the unique nature of Iranian identity, as one of the oldest continuing civilisations in the world. As well as covering military and dynastic matters, it emphasises the role of cultural and intellectual movements in Iran in order to show how Iran has influenced the Middle East and vast areas of the rest of Asia through the power of its culture rather than through conventional political and military means - an 'Empire of the Mind' as much as an 'Empire of the Sword'. Axworthy is also fascinated by the under-appreciated and misunderstood aspects of the history of Iran in the last fifty to sixty years, particularly religious developments, ignorance of which has contributed to the baffled and potentially dangerous incomprehension with which many contemporary Westerners view the country.

Michael Axworthy was head of the Iran section in the British Foreign Office from 1998 to 2000 and is the author of a widely praised life of Nader Shah. He teaches at the University of Exeter.

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198 x 129mm
19 integrated b/w pictures; 9 maps
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