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Boris Cyrulnik

How do children recover from trauma? Do the abused grow up to become the abusers? What mechanism do all of us instinctively employ to heal ourselves after traumatic ordeals? Boris Cyrulnik, internationally renowned psychologist, takes us on a journey towards understanding the incredible mechanism we use: resilience. More than just the ability to resist, it is the means through which every one of us overcomes trauma time and time again. He tells the story of resilience through the stories of children who, living in conflict and war zones, exhibit the human ability to triumph over misfortune in all its guises, focusing on those who lived through the Holocaust and experienced a multitude of inhumanity, abuse and suffering. In translating their experiences Cyrulnik offers a series of maxims to reveal how resilience is not only a neurological phenomenon but inherent to our identity. Cyrulnik's wisdom is worn lightly and imparted kindly; Resilience is a book that ultimately speaks of hope. None of us have the good fortune of avoiding pain completely; Resilience shows us that trauma is not destiny.

Boris Cyrulnik is a clinical psychologist specialising in resilience. He works all around the world, helping individuals and countries come to terms with their past to create positive new outlooks. An international bestselling author, his last book Talking of Love on the Edge of a Precipice, was hailed as the book that healed France.

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Editions Odile Jacob
Editions Odile Jacob
Editions Odile Jacob
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Editions Odile Jacob
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