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Debbie Frank's Cosmic Ordering Guide to Life, Love and Happiness

Debbie Frank

This is your year. It's time to make your dreams a reality and transform your life ... right now.

We've all done it; you're just sitting there thinking about someone and hey presto they decide to ring you that very second. Tiger Woods does it when he visualises the ball going into the hole just before he takes his shot. And there is even scientific research now to suggest that people who think lucky are lucky. Energy is all around us, and if you can make the right connections it's amazing what can happen, from finding your soul mate to finding your dream job.

Cosmic Ordering is where you and the universe work together to make things happen, and Debbie Frank will show you how. First, you need to discover what you really want, what your blocks might be, how to overcome them, let go and create your own destiny.

Learn how to set your intention and tap into the universal flow. Putting a little positive energy out will bring you more in return so think it, believe it and go ahead and ask!

Debbie Frank pens the astrology sections of the Daily Mirror and First magazine. She became a celebrity astrologer when she supported Princess Diana through the last eight traumatic years of her life. Debbie has been an astrologer for 22 years. She is a regular guest on Richard & Judy and This Morning and has contributed to various Diana documentaries in the UK, the States and Japan. Debbie's a Scorpio and lives in London with her husband.

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