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The Crystal Code

Tamara Driessen

Our lives are pretty stressful, from the mountains of work emails to the never-ending life admin, finding time to see friends and family whilst still getting in those gym workouts, and why does everyone on Instagram have all this figured out. Working with crystals is a way to slow that frenetic world down, realign your intentions and find the inner calm we all seek. Some say that crystals are magic, but they're more than just magic. They have the power to reveal your truest self, the version of you that's been waiting to be seen and acknowledged. The Crystal Code explains how to the harness the power of these awesome rocks, introducing us to 70 stones and their unique personalities. It will show you how to find the perfect crystals to empower and energise you and will teach you some easy rituals, meditations and crystallized self-care routines. Whether it's peacock ore to give you more confidence on that nerve-racking first date, white celestite to conquer anxiety or purple amethyst to you help you feel centred, this is the ultimate guide to regaining control of your life and to feeling happier, healthier and more grounded.

Tamara, aka Wolf Sister, is crystal healer, Shamanic practitioner, Reiki master and tarot reader who infuses mystic wisdom into everyday life. She bought her first crystal aged 8 from the Natural History Museum and since then has used crystals to help overcome panic attacks, anxiety and her broken heart. She is a resident teacher at She's Lost Control, contributor for The Numinous and founding member of the Obonjan Festival. She is featured regularly in the press including Fabulous Magazine, Stylist and The Debrief.

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