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Really Good Dog Photography

Lucy Davies, Hoxton Mini Press

Dogs and photography have gone hand in paw almost since the medium was invented and our passion remains undiminished. And yet, while we claim to love dogs, we often present them in cute and predictable ways that downplay their significance in our lives. In Really Good Dog Photography, the opposite happens, as the world's best-loved animal is shown in a remarkable new light. All the images here - whether by artists or photographers, internationally renowned figures such as Alec Soth and Elliott Erwitt or the newer figures such as Ruth van Beek - approach the dog as a dignified, intelligent and noble being. From the dogs who helped after 9/11 to the dogs of wealthy owners and the wild dogs of Africa, here the animal is photographed in ways that are penetrating, charming and respectful. Elegant, beautiful, surprising, sometimes comical, full of drama and heart, taken together, these images consider our relationship with man's best friend for the extraordinary thing it really is.

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  • Art and Design
  • Science and Technology
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246 x 209mm
Hoxton Mini Press
Hoxton Mini Press
Hoxton Mini Press
Hoxton Mini Press
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Hoxton Mini Press
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