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The Cartel

Stephen Breen, Owen Conlon

By the time the Kinahan cartel first shot to public attention in May 2010, Christy Kinahan and his sons Daniel and Christopher Jr were already among the richest men in Europe, with an estimated joint worth of €750m. Since then, the Kinahans have become household names. They were already familiar to European police forces for over a decade. The Cartel is the definitive account of how a working class Dublin lad who failed his Leaving Cert rose to figure on Europol's top 10 list of criminal godfathers, employing language and networking skills to rival any CEO along the way. It outlines how Christy Kinahan crossed borders at will to send drugs and arms back to Ireland, dealing decisively and something lethally with anyone who got in his way, while remaining beyond the reach of the authorities. The Cartel also explores the recent events that have brought the Kinahan gang centre stage. It explains how once-firm allies have now turned on each other in the most shocking criminal feud Ireland has ever seen. And it tells the behind-the-scenes story of how Spanish police tracked and listened in on the first-ever Irish-led international drugs cartel before launching an operation against them. The authors have had exclusive access to the wiretaps that tracked the cartel for two years and analysis from key officers who investigated them. It explains the criminal clan's aims and actions in their own words and reveals the surprising truths behind how they built their empire.

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  • Biography and Memoir
  • Sociology
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234 x 153mm
Owen Conlon
Owen Conlon
Owen Conlon
Owen Conlon
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Owen Conlon
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