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A Christmas Angel at the Ragdoll Orphanage

Suzanne Lambert

When Suzanne was left, two weeks old, at the door of Nazareth House orphanage, it was Nancy the nanny who fought for the right to adopt Suzanne. Now, 60 years later, Suzanne is sharing the untold story of all the many orphans that her mother Nancy saved throughout the 1940s and 50s. As a teenager, Nancy accompanied the orphans to the other side of the country when they were evacuated during the war years. When they finally returned, 6 long years later, she vowed never to leave Nazareth House again. Right until her dying day, when the House had become a care home, she kept her promise. A Christmas Angel at the Ragdoll Orphanage, tells the story of a remarkable woman, who worked tirelessly to give society's most vulnerable children a chance of home and happiness. Full of touching, tear-jerking and unforgettable stories, this is a book about motherhood, childhood and Christmas, and everything that comes between.

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198 x 129mm
Suzanne Lambert
Suzanne Lambert
Suzanne Lambert
Suzanne Lambert
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Suzanne Lambert
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