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Andrew Cooper

Delivering 100% natural and unprocessed nutrition, Juiceman contains easy, delicious juices, smoothies, tonics, teas and nut milks designed to complement a busy lifestyle and maintain optimum health. Juicing expert Andrew Cooper has created a varied range of recipes to meet all needs. From medicinal juices which combat dehydration or digestive problems to smoothies for detoxing and retoxing, Juiceman offers the right blend of fruit and vegetables for every occasion. Ginger and Honey Tea, Nut Milks, Chia Pots and Juice Cocktails are just some of his deliciously cleansing and effortless recipes. Andrew also offers a juice cleanse plan and tips for keeping fit.

Andrew Cooper is a model and an actor. He has appeared in numerous high-profile print and TV campaigns for brands including Dunhill, Topman, Georgio Armani, Paul Smith and Diet Coke. His love of juicing began at an early age, thanks to his mum, and has since become a way of life and a business venture, through his range of Juiceman products. Andrew lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, two children and their American bulldog, Pepper.

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