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Letters to my Fanny

Cherry Healey

How much more fun in life could I have had if I'd just stopped worrying so much and stopped beating myself up? In this book, Cherry reveals the things she wishes her mother had told her, through a series of hilarious anecdotes and excruciating confessions. Each chapter opens with a letter to a different body part: 'Letters to my Fanny' covers sex, orgasms and periods; 'Letters to my Brain' covers education, memory and media; 'Letters to my Tummy' covers crop-tops, pregnancy and sit-ups. This wonderfully warm, funny and candid book is a collection of hopeful dispatches from the frontline of girlhood - an impassioned plea to stop piling pressure on girls and young women and allow them to get on with their lives without having to mind the thigh gap . . .

Cherry Healey is a television presenter, famous for her BBC3 documentaries covering topics including drinking, money, relationships, pregnancy and body image.

Publication date
  • Biography and Memoir
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sociology
Format TPS
198 x 129mm
Furniss Lawton Literary Agency
Furniss Lawton Literary Agency
Furniss Lawton Literary Agency
Furniss Lawton Literary Agency
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Furniss Lawton Literary Agency
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