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Munich Airport

Greg Baxter

An American expat in London takes a phone call. The caller is a German policewoman, and the news she has to convey to him is almost incomprehensible: his sister, Miriam, has been found dead in her Berlin flat, of starvation. Three weeks later, the man, his elderly father, and an American consular official find themselves in a fogbound Munich Airport, where Miriam's coffin is to be loaded onto a commercial jet. Greg Baxter's extraordinary novel tells the story of these three people over those three weeks of waiting for Miriam's body to be released. Munich Airport is a novel about the meaning of home, and about the families we improvise when our real families fall apart. It is a gripping, daring and mesmeric read from one of the most gifted young novelists currently at work.

Greg Baxter was born in Texas in 1974. He lived for a number of years in Dublin, and now lives in Berlin. He is the author of a memoir, A Preparation for Death, and of one previous novel, The Apartment.

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  • Fiction
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234 x 153mm
Hachette Book Group US (Grand Central/Twelve) (PRH Rights)
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