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The Tea Planter's Wife

Dinah Jefferies

What happens when a woman must protect a secret so dark, that if it is ever known, she stands to lose everything she has fought a lifetime to preserve? Gwendolyn Hooper is a woman whose primary goal in life is to be a perfect wife and mother. But her entire world is put in jeopardy when she must find the strength to reveal a shocking truth to her husband. Even if it means losing him and her son. In a final twist, and before she can confess, a tragedy occurs that will bring to the surface a skeleton in the family cupboard - one that has lain deeply buried for a hundred years. One that changes everything.

Dinah Jefferies was born in Malaya and moved to England at the age of nine. She has worked in education, lived in a 'rock 'n roll' commune and, more recently, been an exhibiting artist. She is the author of The Separation.

Publication date
  • Fiction
Format TPS
198 x 129mm
Random House Inc (Crown)
Hardman Swainson Literary Agency
Hardman Swainson Literary Agency
Hardman Swainson Literary Agency
Audio (Unabridged)
Isis Publishing Ltd
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