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Probably Nothing

Matilda Tristram

At 31, Matilda Tristram was 17 weeks pregnant and looking forward to having her first baby. Then she discovered she had cancer. She was presented with three options: 1) Have chemo and risk damaging the baby. 2) Abort the baby and start chemo after that - with the risk that the chemo might make her infertile. 3) Delay treatment until after the baby was born. Her first response was to visit the top floor of The Shard, London's highest building. The next was to get engaged to her boyfriend. In a tone that never becomes morose or self-pitying, Probably Nothing To Worry About begins with the moment Matilda was diagnosed and ends when her course of chemotherapy finishes in October 2013. Recording the awkward conversations, the mixed blessings of receiving 'Get Well' cards, and the reality of still having to queue too long for croissants, Matilda captures her experiences with characteristic style and warmth. Her beautiful and boisterous son was born without complications and is reliably keeping her up most nights.

Matilda Tristram studied animation at the Royal College of Art and has since worked as a children's writer, lecturer and filmmaker. Her short films have screened at over 30 festivals internationally and Dipdap, a CBeebies short on which she worked, was awarded a BAFTA.

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  • Fiction
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Science and Technology
Format TPS
280 x 210mm
Colour throughout
Elinor Cooper, Rochelle Stevens & Co
Elinor Cooper, Rochelle Stevens & Co
Elinor Cooper, Rochelle Stevens & Co
Elinor Cooper, Rochelle Stevens & Co
Audio (Unabridged)
Elinor Cooper, Rochelle Stevens & Co
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