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Livi Michael

Two remarkable women cunningly work the strings of succession during the Wars of the Roses . . . Margaret of Anjou is young, beautiful, French and wildly unpopular when she marries England's ill-fated Henry VI. After the English are banished from France and her husband goes mad, civil war erupts, pitting family against family and endangering the land. With Henry incapacitated and plotters everywhere, Margaret becomes a warrior queen, fighting for her husband's right to be king and her son's position as his rightful heir. Meanwhile heiress Margaret Beaufort is born into a troubled inheritance. Fiercely sought after by courtiers who want to be her guardian, or to make an alliance with her by marriage, she is a pawn in a political game. By the age of thirteen she has married twice and given birth to her only son, who will be the future king of England. But then he is taken from her...and her fight really begins.

Livi Michael has published four novels for adults: Under a Thin Moon which won the Arthur Welton award in 1992, Their Angel Reach which won the Faber prize in 1995, All the Dark Air (1997) which was shortlisted for the Mind Award, and Inheritance, which won a Society of Authors award. Livi has two sons and lives in Greater Manchester. She teaches creative writing at the Manchester Metropolitan University and has been a senior lecturer in creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University.

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  • Fiction
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234 x 153mm
St Martin's Press Inc.
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