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The Edge of the World

Michael Pye

A ground-breaking thousand-year history of the peoples and cultures who have been shaped by the North Sea.

Between the end of the Roman Empire and the flourishing of seventeenth-century Amsterdam, the North Sea played a profoundly important role in the shaping of modern Europe - and in the forging of modernity itself.

By bringing together so many peoples and cultures - from Bergen to Bruges, from Dublin to Gdansk; from Viking longboats to Dutch drains, Flemish fishermen to the traders of the Hanseatic league - the North Sea played host to a richness and dynamism of cultural exchange that shaped all who encountered it.

The immigrants from throughout Europe who crossed the sea brought with them new tastes, diseases, ideas, sports and manners. Trade led to the widespread adoption of money and the birth of modern speculation and science, finance and debt. This same process in turn reshaped our ideas of property, inheritance and, by extension, love.

Overturning many long-held ideas, The North Sea will draw on a formidable breadth of original source material to recreate a vast sweep of history populated with intimate encounters and lively personalities.

Michael Pye is the immensely talented author of eleven books, including two British bestsellers and two New York Times Notable Books of the Year, which have been translated into eleven languages. A prize-winning graduate in History from Oxford University, he was for many years a highly successful journalist, editor and columnist, and has recently given keynote papers at academic conferences in Holland and Germany.

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