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The Last Vote

Philip Coggan

We have taken democracy for granted for far too long. It is intoxicating to those who first receive it, as we have seen in eastern Europe and may yet see in north Africa. But it doesn't take long for that novelty to wear off and then what was once a right to be fought for may simply seem a boring charade.

Democracy is not one of our human rights but rather a luxury of living in an affluent society. When the money runs out, as Greece and Italy have recently learned, so too can our power to choose our rulers and laws. So what will the world be like post democracy? In The Last Vote, Philip Coggan clearly shows the dangers of political inertia and of taking the wrong lessons from history; and he has all kinds of interesting and disturbing predictions for the future...

Award-winning journalist Philip Coggan writes for the Economist. He has written four books: his latest, Paper Promises, has been longlisted for Goldman Sachs/ FT Business Book of the Year 2012 (shortlist still to be announced at time of writing) and shortlisted for the Spear's Business Book Award.

Praise for Paper Promises:

Bold and confident, free from the shrieking ideology that afflicts virtually all contemporary debates over money ... [This] book should be taken very seriously.' John Authers, Financial Times

'The most illuminating account of the financial crisis to appear to date ... [written] with a lucidity that conveys deep insights without a trace of jargon.' John Gray, New Statesman

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Philip Coggan
Philip Coggan
Philip Coggan
Philip Coggan
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Philip Coggan
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