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Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death

Otto Dov Kulka

'This is one of the most remarkable testimonies to inhumanity that I know. The deeply moving recollections of Dov Kulka's boyhood years in Auschwitz, interwoven with reflections of elegiac, poetic quality, vividly convey the horror of the death-camp, the trauma of family and friends, and the indelible imprint left on the memory of a young boy who became a distinguished historian of the Holocaust. An extraordinarily important work which needs to be read.' - Sir Ian Kershaw

As a child, Otto Dov Kulka was sent first to the Ghetto of Theresienstadt and then to Auschwitz. As one of the few survivors, and now a distinguished historian, he has spent much of his life studying Nazism and the Holocaust: always as a discipline requiring the greatest objectivity, with his personal story set to one side. But he has remained haunted by specific memories and images, thoughts he has been unable to shake off.

The extraordinary result is Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death - a unique and powerful expression of one man's attempt to understand his past.

Otto Dov Kulka was born in Czechoslovakia in 1933. He is Professor Emeritus at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Otto Dov Kulka
Otto Dov Kulka
Otto Dov Kulka
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Otto Dov Kulka
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