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Pu Pu Hot Pot

Ben Brusey

For too long, restaurants have been judged on the quality of their food...

From the south of France to South Carolina, Ben Brusey has bravely scoured the globe for the world's most amazing, dreadful and utterly bizarre restaurant names.

Savour the culinary delights of: THAI TANIC (Washington DC, USA). Our tip: Avoid the Iceberg Lettuce. LITTLE DROOLING BEAR FOOD (Shanghai, China). Menu: Lost in translation. PHÂT PHÚC NOODLE BAR (London, UK). Phât Phúc translates in Vietnamese as Happy Buddha. Seriously. SYRIANDIPITY (Toronto, Canada). A chance eating. BIG WONG (New York, USA). Serves only 100% Chinese pork. LORD OF THE FRIES (Melbourne, Australia). House rules: Children must be accompanied by an adult. B.O. CAFÉ (Grasse, France). Full of fresh aromas. PHO SHIZZLE (Cambridge, Canada). Dishing up excellent Vietnamese wraps and beets. FUKU SUSHI (Berlin, Germany). That's the last time I'll eat there! TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD (New Jersey, USA). Margaritas with morals.

Ben Brusey likes to eat food at restaurants when he can. He also likes to compete in eating challenges and his record is thirty fish fingers in one sitting (plus mayo, lemon and ketchup). His favourite restaurant in London is the Phút Phúc Noodle Bar, located near South Kensington. 'Phút Phúc' actually translates in Vietnamese as 'Happy Buddha'. Seriously.

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Ben Brusey
Ben Brusey
Ben Brusey
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Ben Brusey
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