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The Collini Case

Ferdinand von Schirach

For thirty-four years Fabrizio Collini has worked diligently for Mercedes Benz. He is a quiet and respectable person until the day he visits one of Berlin's most luxurious hotels and kills an innocent man. Young attorney Caspar Leinen takes the case. Getting Collini a not-guilty verdict would make his name. But too late he discovers that Collini's victim - an industrialist of some renown - is known to him. Now Leinen is caught in a professional and personal dilemma. Collini admits the murder but won't say why he did it, forcing Leinen to defend a man who won't put up a defence. And worse, a close friend and relation of the victim insists that he give up the case. His reputation, his career and this friendship are all at risk. Then he makes a discovery that goes way beyond his own petty concerns and exposes a terrible and deadly truth at the heart of German justice . . .

Ferdinand von Schirach was born in Munich in 1964. Today he works as one of Germany's most high-profile lawyers in Berlin. His short story collections Crime and Guilt sold over 800,000 copies in Germany alone and he is translated in over thirty territories. The short stories are currently made into films.

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205 x 135mm
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Ferdinand von Schirach
Ferdinand von Schirach
Ferdinand von Schirach
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Ferdinand von Schirach
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