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Beginners Get . . . Sorted

The Sorted Crew

Perfect for novice cooks who are about to hit the kitchen for the first time.

The Sorted crew help you knock up meal after meal of cracking food, seasoned with a healthy dose of fun. Whether a complete recipe rookie, a busy parent in need of inspiration, or a student faced with a small food budget, Sorted will help sort all your kitchen dilemmas.

Ben Ebbrell and Barry Taylor head up the Sorted crew - a group of childhood friends who got together during their university holidays to share anecdotes, experiences, and problems that they were each facing during their first year away from home. After mocking each other's laughable set of domestic skills in the kitchen, Ben decided to help them out with recipe ideas and 'Sorted' was the result.

With Ben cooking and Barry taking photographs and using his design skills, the crew set themselves up on YouTube to upload filmed recipes. Their videos currently have 20 million views and the pair self-published two recipe books: A Recipe for Student Survival and 'Rookie's Guide to Crackin' Cooking. Reworked with Penguin, all the recipes from the books are now contained within this new edition.

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  • Food and Drink
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246 x 189mm
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Deborah McKenna Ltd
Deborah McKenna Ltd
Deborah McKenna Ltd
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