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The Diviner

Joe Cassidy

As Ireland's leading diviner, Joe Cassidy connects with what lies beneath the surface.

Joe knows a side of life that is at once familiar, mysterious and powerful. In his work he sees the terrible consequences of curses placed on land and livestock, or of fairy thorns or forts destroyed. He has a unique insight into the torments caused to the living by trapped spirits and natural phenomena that stress the landscape.

In The Diviner, Joe explains the ancient art he practices. He describes how he discovered his gift and why he resisted it for many years, suffering the consequences in stress and ill-health. Over a decade ago he realised he had to accept his destiny and began working as a diviner. Since then has worked on over five thousand cases. By applying his timeless insights he can help with a problem that appears insoluble.

The Diviner is a story of listening, divining and healing that throws a light on a side of life that is both ancient and still very much part of what we are. And it is a fascinating and uplifting story of a life less ordinary.

Joe Cassidy lives with his wife and family in Co. Kildare and is in his fifties. His daughter is the teen author, Laura Jane Cassidy. He has been practicing as a diviner for the past ten years in Ireland.

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  • Biography and Memoir
  • Health and Wellbeing
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234 x 153mm
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