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Elizabeth Wilhide

Spring 2010, and when Charlie and Ros inherit Ashenden from their aunt Reggie a decision must be made. The beautiful eighteenth-century house is in need of serious repair. Do they try to keep it in the family, or will they have to sell?

Moving back in time, in an interwoven narrative spanning two and a half centuries, we witness the house from its beginnings through to the present day. Along the way we meet those who have built the house, lived in it and loved it, and those who have worked in it, including Mrs Trimble, housekeeper to the spendthrift Mores; the wealthy Henderson family, in their Victorian heyday; Walter Beckmann, prisoner in its grounds; and Reggie and Hugo, agents of its postwar revival.

A novel about people, architecture and living history, Ashenden is an evocative and allusive reflection on England and its past.

Elizabeth Wilhide is the author of over 20 books on interior design and architecture, collaborating with authors such as David Linley and Terence Conran. Ashenden is her first novel.

'I adored this book; I saw it as a sort of love letter to a vanished way of life, tracing as it does the lives of all the people who lived in Ashenden, a beautiful English country house, for over two hundred years. It's very touching and very compelling.' Penny Vincenzi

'This book is a sparkling jewel: full of fascinating detail, high drama and sly wit.' Amanda Foreman

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