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What Are You Looking At?

Will Gompertz

For the sceptics, the art lovers- the funniest, liveliest and most accessible history of Modern Art ever written, by the BBC Arts Editor.

We all know what modern art looks like. We've seen Monet's water lilies, we've admired Picasso's nudes, and we've gawked at Damien's shark. But what does it all mean? Who started it? And why is it such big money? What Are You Looking At? takes the reader on a thrilling tour of modern art from Impressionism to the present day, telling the story of the movements, the artists and the wonderful works of art that helped define the modern world. Refreshing and extremely accessible, it is rich with extraordinary tales and anecdotes and explains the unique set of factors that led to the founding of each movement. The book won't tell the reader if a work of art is any good or not; it will put them in a position to make their own mind up by telling them the one thing that they've always wanted to know: what are they looking at?

Will Gompertz is the BBC Arts Editor, and writes, presents and produces a number of programmes about the arts for BBC news, television and radio. He was a Director at the Tate Gallery for seven years and is a keynote speaker on Art around the world. Will was recently voted one of the world's top 50 creative thinkers by the New York based Creativity Magazine.

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234 x 153mm
16 Pages of Colour Pictures, and black and white i
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Will Gompertz
Will Gompertz
Will Gompertz
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Will Gompertz
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