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This May Help You Understand the World

Lawrence Potter

This is a life raft for anyone who finds themselves floundering amidst a sea of ten-second soundbites, wishing they had a better grasp of the complexities of world politics and global issues. In clear, concise language, Lawrence Potter sets the record straight, with answers to fifty-seven questions about the world we live in, ranging from "What is jihad?" to "is fair trade a good thing?" and "is there still a war in Chechnya?" . Important information including the latest research on environmental issues and the history behind current events worldwide is presented in enough detail to be useful without overwhelming readers, making for a balanced, informed reference guide. This is a thoroughly updated new edition, complete with a new chapter explaining the problem of Afghanistan.

Lawrence Potter studied Classics at Oxford and has since travelled to Central America, taught English in Romania and Maths in Rwanda. He now teaches Maths in London. He is also the author of Mathematics Minus Fear.

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  • History
  • Politics and Current Affairs
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198 x 129mm
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