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Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World

Jan Karski

Jan Karski's 1944 war memoir is a heroic act of witness: the courageous testimony of a man who risked everything for his country. At times overwhelming in the details it reveals of the suffering of ordinary people, it is an unforgettable and deeply affecting record of brutality, courage, and survival under conditions of extreme bleakness. During the first four years of World War II, Karski worked as a messenger for the Polish underground, risking his life in secret missions. He was captured, tortured, rescued, smuggled through a tunnel into the Warsaw ghetto and, finally, disguised himself as a guard to infiltrate a Nazi concentration camp. Then, travelling across occupied Europe to England, with his eye-witness report smuggled on microfilm in the handle of a razor, he became the first man to tell the Allies Franklin Roosevelt and Anthony Eden about the Holocaust - only to be ignored.

'truly extraordinary testament to Man's inhumanity to Man, and the even more remarkable courage required to resist it'. Ben McIntyre, The Times

'Deserves its status as a Penguin Classic, not only because it is a great historic document, but also because it's a cracking good read: Karski's adventures are worthy of the wildest spy thriller' Nigel Jones, The Telegraph

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Georgetown University Press (PRH Rights)
Jan Karski
Jan Karski
Jan Karski
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Jan Karski
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