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Cities of the Classical World

Colin McEvedy

A fascinating illustrated history of the most important cities of antiquity, from Alexandria to York.

Colin McEvedy's highly original historical atlases revolutionised the way the history of the Western world was seen. Cities of the Classical World, the last book he compiled before his death in 2005, is the result of a lifetime's enthusiasm for classical history, and of many years spent travelling to major ancient sites from Babylon to Pompeii. This fascinating illustrated history maps the most important cities of antiquity and tells their stories. It offers a compelling imaginative guide to the centres of ancient civilization that shaped the world as we know it today. There is information about the cities' strategic importance, imperial dynasties, power struggles and the lives of the ordinary population. We learn about Athenian democracy, Roman baths in Paris, the many faiths of Jerusalem, ancient shipwrecks off Marseille, the tombs of Petra and the churches of Constantinople. Alongside this, there are over 120 unique hand-drawn maps tracing the cities' thoroughfares and defences, monuments and mistakes. The result is a unique, elegantly designed and beautiful book, which opens a new window on to the distant past and transforms the way we see it.

Colin McEvedy (1930-2005) was a psychiatrist, historian and demographer. He has written many books including the Penguin Atlases of History.

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  • History
Format TPS
234 x 153mm
120 integrated maps
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