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A History of the World in 100 Objects

Neil MacGregor

A chipped stone that was one of the first things ever made by human hands; a clay tablet telling the story of the great flood centuries before the Bible; a broken hunter's spear dropped by one of the earliest settlers in America; a hoard of gold abandoned in the Wars of the Roses. Every object tells a story.

A History of the World in 100 Objects is a kaleidoscopic book of history that tells the story of human civilization in a completely fresh way: through the fascinating objects that have made us who we are.

Neil MacGregor tells the intriguing stories behind these carefully chosen objects, from primitive tools to great works of art, told chronologically from almost two million years ago up to the present day. Through these stories, MacGregor explores key events in human history, highlighting often unexpected connections and universal themes. No book has described and shown the history of humankind quite like this before.

Neil MacGregor has been Director of the British Museum since 2002. Before that he was Director of the National Gallery from 1987 to 2002. He was 'Briton of the Year' in 2008.

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  • History
  • Sociology
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234 x 153mm
250+ integrated images
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