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The Sacred Scroll

Anton Gill

A gripping conspiracy thriller which reveals the true source of the Templar's power.

Constantinople 1204: the holy city is razed to the ground by Crusaders - the roads awash with blood.

Modern day Istanbul: an elite group of archaeologists uncover the grave of Enrico Dandolo, once Doge of Venice, and perpetrator of the bloodthirsty Fourth Crusade. They seek a mysterious artefact which empowers its bearer to bend all men's wills to his own.

Days later the team vanishes without a trace. All that remains in the ransacked grave is a strange key inscribed with an ancient code. Special Interpol Operatives Jack Marlow and Laura Graves are called in. They soon find themselves battling an unknown enemy in a life or death race against time. The dark secret of the Knights Templar is about to be revealed.

Anton Gill was born in London and educated at Chigwell and Clare College,Cambridge. He has written on a wide range of subjects, including contemporary European history, and published a series of thrillers set in Ancient Egypt. Until recently, he has divided his time between London and Paris, but now makes his home in London again.

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  • Fiction
Format TPS
198 x 129mm
The Soho Agency Ltd (Formally LAW)
The Soho Agency Ltd (Formally LAW)
The Soho Agency Ltd (Formally LAW)
The Soho Agency Ltd (Formally LAW)
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The Soho Agency Ltd (Formally LAW)
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