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Jussi Adler-Olsen

Denmark's bestselling crime author finally hits British shores - introducing Detective Carl Mørck and his Syrian assistant Assad in the first book of the Department Q series. On a beautiful winter's day the young, ambitious politician Merete Lynggaard disappears without a trace. The media are all over the story with their headlines suggesting everything from murder and suicide to a planned voluntary disappearance. The police immediately commence a large-scale investigation - alas with no result. Merete Lynggaard has vanished from the face of the earth. Years later, Deputy Detective Superintendent Carl Mørck, who has is known for his unconventional work practices is put in charge of the new Department Q, which deals with 'cases of special focus'. Soon Carl and his assistant Assad stumble over new evidence in Merete's case and end up tracing a reckless criminal, who driven by hate has set up an insane scheme . . .

Jussi Adler-Olsen was born in Copenhagen and studied medicine, sociology, politics and film. He worked as a magazine editor and publisher before starting to write fiction. All three Department Q thrillers hit the Danish bestseller lists on publication and stayed there ever since. Today Adler-Olsen has become Denmark's bestselling crime writer surpassing even Stieg Larsson - his success is now spreading all over Europe, including a top five chart position in Germany.

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  • Fiction
Format TPS
234 x 153mm
Penguin Group US (Dutton) (DK Rights)
Politikens Forlagshus
Politikens Forlagshus
Politikens Forlagshus
Audio (Unabridged)
Politikens Forlagshus
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