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Winter Games

Rachel Johnson

Sometimes it takes seventy years to square away a love triangle . . .

London, 2006. Magazine journalist Francie Fitzsimon has it all - the large flat, the husband, the gig to write up the holistic spas in Baja California - until she gets a call that turns her cushy child-free world upside down and pings her back to the devil's decade.

Munich, 1936. Eighteen-year old Daphne Linden has a seat in the front row of history. While the National Socialists are strutting the pavements, Daphne and her blonde nymphet friend, Betsy Barton-Hill, are in Bavaria to learn German, to ski, to go to the Opera, to be "finished." The girls are having the time of their lives, partying with shiny-booted Stormtroopers, and falling in love. But something happened at the Winter Games that February, and Daphne still hasn't shared the secret of what happened with the person it affects most - her own Granddaughter.

Winter Games transports you to the beer halls and Bavarian castles of the Third Reich, at a time when the English upper-classes thought that Hitler was probably a jolly good thing, by way of carefree pre-crunch London in 2006, when the living was loose, and the credit was even easier.

Rachel Johnson is a newspaper columnist and journalist. She lives in London and Somerset. Her previous books include The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell and A Diary of The Lady.

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Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd (RCW)
Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd (RCW)
Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd (RCW)
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