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Who, or Why, or Which, or What...?

John Oldale

A book to pique the curiosity of armchair travellers and followers of global events everywhere, Who, or Why, or Which, or What...? presents a compendium of the most unusual, enlightening and eyebrow-raising facts about every nation on Earth. Track down the world's top spymaster, most snake-infested country and the island paradise which was named after an accountant. Find out where the penalty for not flushing the loo is $150, how to deal with jellyfish stings, the best recipe for a Bloody Mary and what the odds of death in Russian Roulette really are. With illustrations that explain everything from how the Berlin Wall worked to why piranhas aren't as dangerous as you might think, this book will permanently change the way you see the world.

John Oldale PhD is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society who speaks five languages well, many others badly. Undeterred by hair-raising adventures that range from outrunning knife-wielding brigands to breaking into an East European Communist leader's private mansion (don't ask), he has been to most of the countries in the world (that's over 90) and remains keen to visit the rest. His travel journalism has appeared in The Lady, Geographical and Real Travel. In between trips, his home is an old village pub near Farnham, which he shares with his wife and two young sons. This is his first book.

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