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The Berlin-Baghdad Express

Sean McMeekin

'Sean McMeekin has written a classic of First World War history...This superb and original book is the reality behind Greenmantle' - Norman Stone

The Berlin-Baghdad Express explores one of the most important but least understood stories of the First World War: the bid by the Germans to destroy the British Empire by harnessing the power of Islam.

The German military authorities had long enjoyed a special relationship with the Ottoman Empire - training its army but also building the great Berlin-to-Baghdad railway, one of the era's most extraordinary engineering projects which, on its completion, would allow the Germans to transport many thousands of troops to Asia.

With the Ottoman Empire fatefully deciding to join Germany, a hugely ambitious project began - to end Britain's hold on the Suez Canal, to call a jihad against British interests throughout the Muslim world and to bring Afghanistan and Persia into the war as German allies in an attack on British India.

The Berlin-Baghdad Express is fascinating, surprising and brilliantly researched and puts some of the major events of the war into a new light.

Sean McMeekin has written two previous books, both published by Yale University Press: The Red Millionaire and History's Greatest Heist: The Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks. He teaches at Yale and at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

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Sean McMeekin
Sean McMeekin
Sean McMeekin
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Sean McMeekin
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