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Justin Marozzi

This is the story of what was once the greatest capital on earth, from its beginnings in 762 to modern times. Moving through the ages, it recreates the magnificence of Baghdad and its people in an era of cultural and commercial pre-eminence, concentrating on the intellectual and artistic sophistication and literary and cultural triumphs. This is all underpinned by an economy that was the envy of the world. It traces the life of the city through tumultuous times: foreign invasions and occupations, political decay, ravaging epidemics, floods, famine and terror. This is no conventional history. It is biography teeming with incident, character and pungent detail. It roves from political history, august religious ceremony and the highest chambers of the caliph to bawdy street-life, crime and the gossip and hubbub of the markets. This will be the definitive history of the most written about city of modern times.

A former Financial Times and Economist foreign correspondent, Justin Marozzi has spent much of the past two decades living, working and writing about the Middle East and Arab world. His past books include: South From Barbary (2001), Tamerlane: Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World (2006), and The Man Who Invented History Travels With Herodotus (2008). He writes regularly for the FT, Washington Post, Sunday Telegraph, Spectator, Times, Guardian, Standpoint and Evening Standard and has broadcast for BBC Radio 4 and the World Service.

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234 x 153mm
24 pp colour + b/w illustrations
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