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Revolutionary Iran

Michael Axworthy

A major new and definitive work by the author of Iran: Empire of the Mind.

Ayatollah Khomeini's return to Tehran in February 1979 was a key moment in post-War international politics. A large, well-populated and wealthy state suddenly committed itself to a new path: a revolution based on the supremacy of Islam and contempt for both superpowers.

For over 30 years the Islamic Republic has resisted widespread condemnation, sanctions and sustained attacks by Iraq in an eight-year war. Many policy-makers today share a weary wish that Iran would somehow just disappear as a problem. But with Iran's continuing commitment to a nuclear programme and its reputation as a trouble-maker in Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere, this is unlikely any time soon. The slow demise of the 2009 'Green Revolution' shows that Revolutionary Iran's institutions are still formidable.

Michael Axworthy is the author of The Sword of Persia and Iran: Empire of the Mind, which established him as one of the world's principal experts on the country. He was head of the Iran Section of the British Foreign Office from 1998-2000 and is now senior lecturer and Director of the Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies at the University of Exeter.

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