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The Temple-goers

Aatish Taseer

Tipped by VS Naipaul as 'a writer to watch', Aatish Taseer heralds the arrival of the cool new voice of modern India with this stunning debut novel. Set in contemporary Delhi, it presents a world of drink, fashion, fast-living and high society, and tells the story of a western-educated, well-connected young man who finds himself embroiled in a politically sensitive murder investigation when he befriends his charismatic, ambitious but somewhat enigmatic personal trainer. Interweaving themes of violence, ambition, class, sexuality and politics, Taseer's gripping tale draws comparison with the work of Brett Easton Ellis and Joseph O'Neill's Netherland, and is destined to become an unmissable story for our times.

Born in 1980, Aatish Taseer has worked as reporter for Time Magazine and has written for the Sunday Times, Prospect and India Today. He has also written a travel memoir, Stranger to History: a Son's Journey through Islamic Lands (2009) and a highly acclaimed translation Manto: Selected Stories (2008). He lives in London and Delhi.

'Naipaul's praise is rare enough to be notable; and Taseer lives up to it ... Among the sharpest and best-written fictions about the country created by the economic boom of the past decade or two.' - The Independent

'The story is highly readable, but Taseer evidently has greater ambitions for his novel ... an assured and engaging debut' - Sunday Times

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234 x 153mm
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