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Hello, Heartbreak

Amy Huberman

Twentysomething Izzy is fedup. She has split with boyfriend Cian, the dirty love cheat, and is sick of her job as a dogsbody at film company Lights, Camera, Action. If she was paid to write the script of her so-called life (working title: Welcome to Dumpsville) it would definitely not include:

(1) Baggy tracksuit bottoms and dreadlocked hair

(2) Her flatmate's ever-present lump of a boyfriend watching everlasting football matches on the living-room TV

(3) Ill-advised booty calls

(4) Panicky pregnancy tests

(5) Bumping into Cian and his new squeeze, Brenda, while looking like something the cat spat up (see No.1)

It definitely would include:

(1) Sleek hair, sleek limbs (come to think of it, more-or-less sleek everything)

(2) A Jaffa Cake-eating rabbit called Dermot

(3) A foul-mouthed gran with a heart of gold

(4) Jonathan-absolute-total-ride-Cunningham

And, of course ...

(5) A girl's best friend, Gavin.

Since real life in Dumpsville is way weirder than anything she could make up, all Izzy can do is take a deep breath and hang in there . . .

Amy Huberman is from Dublin and went into acting straight after completing a masters degree in UCD. She is engaged to the Grand Slam-winning captain of the Irish Rugby team, Brian O'Driscoll.

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234 x 153mm
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