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Good Value

Stephen Green

How should we create wealth in societies, and why is it right and necessary to do so? What improves the lives of the largest number of people? And how do we, living in a globalised world caught in an age of financial and ecological turbulence, respond to the differing needs of individuals and institutions? In Good With Money Stephen Green reflects on how the human desires for exploration and exchange have led us into a globalised, urban world, and considers why it is that capitalism is the best system by which to improve material human wealth. As the world's financial order is in a state of flux, how do we align these drives, and capitalism, with our spiritual and psychological needs? Do businesses have a duty to society that goes beyond the creation of profit? And how can individuals combine their moral, spiritual and ethical selves with their everyday work? Encompassing history, politics, religion and economics, Good With Money offers new perspectives on how we can live in a richer, more dynamic world.

Stephen Green was Chairman of HSBC from 2006-2010. He has worked with HSBC since 1982 and has been an ordained priest in the Church of England since 1988. A well known and prominent figure in international business and media, he has spoken widely on integrity and sustainability in business and on the value of values. He is now a life peer and Minister of State for Trade and Investment in both the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Stephen Green
Stephen Green
Stephen Green
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Stephen Green
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