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The Left Hand of God

Paul Hoffman

The boy's name is Cale.

It was written in the Scriptures that he would come.

He is the left hand of God... the last Redeemer... the Angel of Death.

They say he will destroy the World.

Only once in a while does a writer come along who is able to fire the imagination so completely, and who is able to enthral every reader with a fictive world unlike anything that has come before. In such stories, the truest heroes step forward... heroes who stand distant from the crowd... heroes who are made for only one moment in time and for one singular purpose. Such is the world of The Left Hand of God - the first novel of the Trilogy, this is the story of Cale - the boy who would bring redemption to the world.

Only time will tell, but Paul Hoffman has crafted an epic narrative that would easily stand amongst the greats of heroic fiction... so pull back for a moment and imagine if The Name of the Rose met Harry Potter...

Paul Hoffman read English at New College, Oxford, before working in over twenty different jobs, including boardman in a betting shop, messenger boy to a City merchant bank and teacher. He is author of The Wisdom of Crocodiles and The Golden Age of Censorship and now works as a screenwriter, co-writing and producing films.

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234 x 153mm
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