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72 Hours

Frank Pope, Ian Riches

August 5th 2005. While conducting a secret mission thirty miles off the remote coast of Kamchatka, the Russian Navy submarine AS-28 became snared in thick cables anchored to 60-tonne concrete blocks. Without power the stricken boat sank to the seafloor. Trapped 600 feet down - too deep to escape - her crew of seven, now had just seventy-two hours before the air on board ran out.

Twenty-four hours later - still haunted by the loss of the Kursk - the Russian Navy requested assistance. And on the other side of the world, Commander Ian Riches, Boss of the Royal Navy's Submarine rescue team got the call: there was a sub down.

After the failure of the Russian Navy's attempts to rescue them, the crew on board the AS-28 shut down all their boat's non-essential systems, but as the first of them began to drift in and out of consciousness they knew their time was running out. 72 Hours tells the story of an extraordinary, edge-of-the seat real-life drama.

Frank Pope is Ocean Correspondent of The Times. He has worked on underwater expeditions all over the world under the auspices of Oxford MARE (Maritime Archaeological Research and Excavation Unit), including the salvage of Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship HMS Agamemnon. He divides his time between London and Nairobi.

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Frank Pope
Frank Pope
Frank Pope
Frank Pope
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Frank Pope
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