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Let Our Fame Be Great

Oliver Bullough

'This wonderful, moving book flashes backwards and forwards over a terrain almost impossible to survey, and manages the feat.' - Norman Stone

'Part travelogue, part history, Let Our Fame Be Great is a lively and impassioned guide to the collective memory of this tragically neglected corner of our world.' - Orlando Figes

The Caucasus mountains form Russia's southern border and run from the Crimea to the Caspian Sea. The region is known to us now (if at all) for the struggle in Chechnya and the 2008 summer war between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia.

Here Oliver Bullough takes the reader through Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and the Middle East, tracking down the nations dispersed by the brutal wars Russia fought over these mountains. Then he journeys through the North Caucasus itself, telling the stories of the land and its peoples. Many of the events he uncovers have never been described in English, while some have never been written about at all.

Bullough's writing is a compelling mix of travel, archival research and oral history, and his stories - of genocide, tribal sparring, brutality and passion - are leavened by the voices of those who survived.

Oliver Bullough studied modern history at Oxford University, moved to Russia in 1999 and has been based there ever since. He is Caucasus Editor for the Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

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Oliver Bullough
Oliver Bullough
Oliver Bullough
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Oliver Bullough
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