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Arctic Labyrinth

Glyn Williams

The Arctic has a great hold over all our imaginations - wild and desolate, it nevertheless has an irresistible appeal - one that has driven countless explorers over the centuries to try and find a way through its Northwest Passage. Glyn Williams explores this passionate need to break through the ice in his gripping new book, Arctic Illusions. Williams traverses the entire history of the Northwest Passage - from the first desperate Elizabethan explorers through to the 20th century explorers who at last cracked it - ending with a discussion of what it would mean if global warming were, for the first time, to make the Passage real. Williams takes us through the great central horror of the Hudson Expedition but reveals also the courageous, tragic and incredibly exhilarating events that have taken place through the history of the Passage's exploration.

Glyn Williams is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of London and former president of the Hakluyt Society. He is the author of several very original and entertaining books, including The Prize of all the Oceans and Voyages of Delusion.

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  • History
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234 x 153mm
16 pp colour illustrations
University of California Press
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