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Marilyn Monroe (Great Stars)

David Thomson

Gary Cooper - Ingrid Bergman - Bette Davis - Humphrey Bogart - Cary Grant - Marilyn Monroe - Judy Garland - Charlie Chaplin - Greta Garbo - Marlon Brando

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the very best ideas.

David Thomson - perhaps the greatest living critic and an extraordinarily astute lover of films - has agreed that for his next trick he will write ten short biographies, each of only 30,000 words encompassing ten of the greatest Hollywood stars - figures who invaded the dreams of millions of people and who both in their lives and in their roles tell us so much about what the movies have done to us all. The books will have some illustrations but they are designed to be read, both telling the stories of how ten remarkable individuals came to such staggering prominence and offering in effect the story of American film, from the silent era to Brando's death. This is a series of surprising meditations on stardom, filled with fabulous stories and with Thomson's matchless insights into the eternal battle between commerce and art that makes the stories of the great stars as fascinating as the films themselves.

David Thomson is author of the definitive New Biographical Dictionary of Film, The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood and the marvellous "Have You Seen...?": 1000 Films by David Thomson (Penguin, 2008)

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David Thomson
David Thomson
David Thomson
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