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The Greeks

Oswyn Murray

One of the world's most highly regarded historians of Ancient Greece summarises for the general reader a lifetime's knowledge of its society and achievements. Oswyn Murray portrays Greek civilisation in a way that links the development of its culture with its importance in the modern world. The Greeks will describe the behavioural codes, religious beliefs, civic systems, favourite past-times, tastes in art, military successes and failures of the Greek people, recreating what it was like to live in the Mediterranean at a time when Athens was a cultural hub, unrivalled in terms of artistic and intellectual sophistication. Murray will demonstrate how Greek ideas of law, order, personal freedom, mythology, comedy, tragedy, atheism and logic have prevailed throughout history to underpin modern ways of thinking about government, art, literature and philosophy. It is the perfect introduction to a civilisation that is unquestionably one of the most influential in world history.

Oswyn Murray has been a Fellow of Balliol College and University Lecturer at Oxford since 1968. His publications include the standard history of archaic Greece, Early Greece (Fontana, London 1980 and 1993) translated into Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish and Chinese; and he is the historical editor of the best-selling Oxford History of the Classical World (Oxford U.P, 1986), with John Boardman and Jasper Griffin, translated into Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and Greek.

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Oswyn Murray
Oswyn Murray
Oswyn Murray
Oswyn Murray
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Oswyn Murray
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