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Darwin's Sacred Cause

Adrian Desmond, James Moore

Adrian Desmond and James Moore's great biography of Darwin was described by Stephen Jay Gould as 'unquestionably the finest biography ever written about Darwin', by Anthony Burgess as 'a book that makes... an astounding physical as well as cerebral impact', and by Roy Porter as 'A riveting tour de force that meets the need for a new biography on the grand scale... Rarely have the dynamic relations between a scientist's life and his theories been so fully, so forcefully recounted'. It won The James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1991, The Comisso Grand Science Prize in Italy and the Watson Davis Prize from the History of Science Society in America in 1993. It was the most cited non-fiction work across all of the 1991 newspaper Christmas round-ups. Now Desmond and Moore reveal a major new interpretation of the first two thirds of Darwin's unpublished letters and notebooks, revealing controversially that the driving antagonism behind his theory of evolution was a hatred of slavery. Darwin's Sacred Cause will revolutionise the way in which Darwin is viewed and give a completely new explanation of the great man's thought processes. The book will be at centre stage for the worldwide 2009 Darwin anniversary celebrations.

James Moore and Adrian Desmond are the world's authorities on Darwin's life - the authors of the standard sources, from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, as well as the staggeringly successful Darwin (1991).

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James Moore Adrian Desmond
James Moore Adrian Desmond
James Moore Adrian Desmond
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James Moore Adrian Desmond
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