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Not Quite a Fairytale

Cee Liddy, Colm Liddy

When Evelyn and John meet by chance at a boozy student party, Evelyn is sure of everything and John is not sure of anything.

In the years that follow, they go down paths neither could have imagined in those innocent days. And so does their friendship. Life teaches Evelyn that there's little she can be sure of, even herself. And it teaches John that he was right.

Over nearly twenty years they travel long and winding routes, both living as if their real lives will start tomorrow. And one day they arrive at the same destination: the Big Question. What has it all been about? And as they say farewell to their salad days, are they finally who they were meant to be and are they living the lives they were meant to live?

A witty and poignant novel about chance, love and the inexorability of time.

Cee Liddy is a husband, father, writer, musician and pharmacist. He is the author of 40 Fights Between Husbands and Wives.

Praise for Cee Liddy:

'Darkly comic, bittersweet and intoxicating' Fiona Looney, Irish Daily Mail

'Unmissable ... a wonderfully creative storyteller' Evening Herald

'Liddy's imagination thrives in the shady regions of small hopes and misunderstandings' Irish Times

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  • Fiction
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198 x 129mm
Cee Liddy
Cee Liddy
Cee Liddy
Cee Liddy
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Cee Liddy
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