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In Your Face

Lia Mills

Of course I knew that if you have a sore or a lump that doesn't go away within a couple of weeks you should get it checked. But I didn't know that that advice applied to your mouth. I consulted two different dentists about the sore area in mine and neither of them was worried, so why should I be? Cancer of the mouth - other people have the same reaction as I did. They didn't know it was something you could get. I was stupid. You can get cancer anywhere. In Your Face is the story of Lia Mills battle with oral cancer and, ultimately, a tale of survival. "The bravery and love and zest for experience displayed by Lia Mills, and encountered by her, in the darkest depths of her illness, make this exceptional book a gift of life". - Nuala O'Faolain " ... an astonishing and essential book, full of the grace and sweetness of being alive." - Anne Enright

Lia Mills is author of Another Alice (1996), which was nominated for the Irish Times Fiction prize, became a bestseller in Ireland and was translated into Dutch; and novel Nothing Simple (Penguin, 2005), which was shortlisted for the inaugural Hughes and Hughes Irish Novel of the Year award. She has also sat on committees of the Irish Writers' Union and Irish PEN.

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  • Biography and Memoir
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