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Parenting is Child's Play

David Coleman

In his popular and critically acclaimed RTÉ series, Families in Trouble, David Coleman showed stressed parents how to figure out ways of helping their children and themselves.

Now, in Parenting is Child’s Play, he focuses on the first six years of growing up.

Though babies don’t come with a rule book attached, that doesn’t mean that bringing them up isn’t a game. And while parenting is both a challenge and a huge responsibility, if you know the rules of the game, it’s also a lot of fun!

Parenting is Child’s Play explains the basic gist of the game of raising children. On everything from eating and sleeping, to discipline and being a working parent, Parenting is Child’s Play will help you to develop your own rules for playing the game. Crucially it will also help you to recognize those times - far more frequent than you might realize - when it's OK to sit back, relax and leave your child alone.

David Coleman is a psychologist - and father of three - who specializes in giving parents practical tools for bringing up their children. David's hit RTE 1 show, Families in Trouble, has been greeted with universal acclaim for his straightforward, encouraging and successful approach to even the trickiest situations. At the core of his philosophy is a belief that if children are happy and having fun then parents will be happier and have more fun too. Parenting is Child's Play his latest book is published by Penguin (2007).

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David Coleman
David Coleman
David Coleman
David Coleman
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David Coleman
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