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Counting Down

Gerard Stembridge

Joe Power is approaching forty and counting down the days until he can see his son, the number of years he spent with his wife before it all fell apart, and the inches he needs to lose off his waist to be attractive to women again. If you knew how long you had to live, how would you choose to live? Joe explores his darkest fantasies which take him on a desperate and obsessive decline. His night walks prove that he will be the one to come out of it alive.

"Tightly Structured and pacily written, Counting Down is a compelling 21st-century morality tale which explores what happens when reason and personal responsibility are surrendered to the forces of myth and superstition." - The Irish Times

"An energetic account of one man's descent into madness" - Sunday Times

Gerard Stembridge was born in Limerick. He studied English and History at University College Dublin and has lived in Dublin since. His films include Guiltrip and About Adam. He co-wrote the satirical radio show Scrap Saturday with Dermot Morgan, and more recently the satirical TV series, The State of Us, with Risteárd Cooper. He has written eleven plays. His first novel was According to Luke.

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  • Fiction
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234 x 153mm
Gerard Stembridge
Gerard Stembridge
Gerard Stembridge
Gerard Stembridge
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Gerard Stembridge
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