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Caroline Williams

Martina is in love with Cuan. Eleanor used to be in love with Cuan. In fact, sooner or later, everyone falls for Cuan ... But Cuan knows he can't fall in love with anyone - and he wishes people would stop looking for something he can't give. Now Eleanor is on the verge of falling in love with someone who isn't Cuan - but she still can't stop herself obsessing about him. And Martina can't bring herself to fall out of love with him either. Sooner or later Cuan is going to have to come clean about why he won't do what comes naturally to everyone else. And they're all going to have to learn that true love doesn't follow any rules. Pretending is a tender and addictive story of love, secrets, confused identities and learning to see people for who they really are - not what they pretend to be.

Since leaving University College Dublin in the late 80s Clare-born Caroline Williams has been, at various times, a dramatist, writer, arts impresario, reviewer and bookseller. Currently she is director of the Irish Playography Project, a database of Irish plays from 1899 and she is hard at work on her second novel. She lives in Dublin and has a twelve-year-old daughter, also a writer.

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  • Fiction
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216 x 135mm
Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams
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Caroline Williams
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