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At Elizabeth David's Table

Elizabeth David

As one of the most inspiring food writers and home cooks of all time, Elizabeth David's classic recipes are, for the very first time, to be published in a beautiful, fully illustrated compilation edition.
Here you'll find authentic recipes from her time spent in France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, India as well as England. The richness, variety and passion for food Elizabeth David exudes is second to none and the way she interweaves her invaluable advice with her knowledge of the ingredients is unreservedly charming and extremely inspiring.
As well as classic recipes, there are also short essays and thoughts on subjects such as the best wine or herbs to use, as well as simple tips on how best to cook pasta or what makes a good stock. Broken down into eleven chapters from tasty soups, to lighter dishes, how to successfully bake bread, as well as cooking more extravagant main courses, the book's traditional structure lends itself to becoming the key book you turn to for every meal.

Elizabeth David was one of the most influential and loved of British food writers. Her first book, Mediterranean Food, was published in 1950, followed by French Country Cooking, Italian Food, Summer Cooking and French Provincial Cooking. These books changed the outlook of English cooks for ever. Recognised for her contribution to the gastronomic arts, during her lifetime Elizabeth was awarded many accolades, including an OBE and a CBE. She died in 1992.

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